the spirit (Brice White & Lent)

from by Ryan Mellow

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Lent : Y'all know that feeling, when ya hear a beat drop and ya soul just feel it, it's positive vibes spilling through the ceiling god willing if y'all listen imma kill it, fuck appealing its mental, plain and simple I'm addicted to this pencil, searching and searching til I found what im into, what's yo issue nigga, let me breathe how my words seem to get to you nigga, tell me please, young man now so you know I got needs no kids but it feels like 3 to mouths to feed, in due to time I see the signs, while I spit a mirage in the garage, bright enough to make you blind, no doubt in my mind this whole industry could be mine, DeJon I said I got next he heard it through the vine,
But I ain't interested if benefits the crime, fuck that shit nigga that's where I draw the line, imma stay true to my grind most importantly myself, iont need no help I ain't trading my craft for wealth, imma do it myself, believe in me if nothing else, if more MCs was like ME than rap would be in good health, I just wanna be a legend when I'm up on that shelf, me
and my brethren got plenty stories to tell, so sit back and relax, won't say it unless its facts a lie I ain't good with that, im breathing life into tracks, I'm gone.

Brice White : Then I started messin with the music now in heaven
Eludin to the studio is usual direction
Now im finna spit a loogie make a loser feel neglected
You gettin any love posthumous is expected
Computer yep you wrecked it
I moved on to the next one
Before I got to mute it dawg i threw up in a second like a veteran anorexic chick after digesting
Im with the X-Men (C-R)
Im feeling so electric (neon)
Next mixtape abbreviation (P-R)
That's Prescribed Relief, niggas thought I wouldnt keep on
Im tryna go where tree palm
Just because I freak on every fuckin theme song
Ding dong hi honey yeah the fuckin beast home whack niggas better keep calm
Euphoric vibes to show you its more to life than empty fortune to find
I got a fork and a knife to make it morbid for hypebeast niggas I dont like that shit
Doing it for recognition but dont like that shit
This for niggas thinkin that we on that quite average
And its mellow on the mix on some white black shit
The tables turned we recreatin the surge no Ibaka
But we bout to make fat lady sing in the opera better watch us
And I'm gone


from Euphoria Vibes, released August 22, 2013
Producer : Mellow King
Writers : Brice White & Lent
Mixed by : Mellow King



all rights reserved


Ryan Mellow Houston, Texas

i produce & mix sounds. mellow member of Constant Reality.

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