pumba (Feat. Brice White & Lent)

from by Ryan Mellow

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Brice White : No pat on the back shit
Collapse in the lab shit
Dont rap like I did way back then
CR yeah we got that pattened
Or whatever the vocab is
Just know that shit no accident
More passionate no passivist
Let a young nigga brag in this bitch
I think I found out im a innovator
So scribble statements til my phrases written in the Fader
feelin faded niggas hatin since the days of simple sega
But its more up in your face when sentences can save a nigga from his mental pain
Nigga too sharp like dental pain
Nigga who car you rented lame
No jugar aint with them games
Oh you thought I entertained?
Just out here misbehaving tryna get out my situation
I aint sayin that Im scrapin but this shit is fuckin basic
Too much fuckin information
But shit Im fuckin sayin you dont feel me suck my nathan
Plus im sick of duckin satan and government invasion
But thats for a different day thats if you dare like Nancy Reagan whaa?
That's if you dare like Nancy Reagan
Im dancin in the rain cuz they cant damper destination
They got a banner for nation im tryna Angela Davis
Land of the naked souls the sanitation can save us
The camera makin us amos and andy hate to be candid but aint no ebony Annie
You think my focus is race well the homie mellow is handy to tell you that what they sell you has never been fine and dandy
It's never been fine and dandy, B

Hook : Hakuna Matata freedom of the speech get detoured by the dolla don't folla speak your mind holla no worries like pumba but the vibes we got a lotta

Mellow King : uhhh idk what to say just had a shitty day but its pay day, hit the vape, fancAy, grade A, inhale, lungs on fire but breath lyrics cold gretzskay & I got a woman over to ease the pain as I touch the punannay, her ass soo curvay. & I think ima score so put down a parlay, by next day she sending pics farveA. living my life just tryna eat, to free my mind I lay down a beat, provide for my family summertime at destin beach, this is what I live for memories, don't want amenities, rather give the wealth to mommy, she raised me, remember disney channel original movies Brink & Johnny tsunami, those were days, 10 years it went so fast, from passing tests to trying to not fail at life, part of the reason I stay up till 4 am to write.
living out my dreams so don't mind no sleep, time is sweet so savor the juice of the peach.
mind captures her ass walkin into the waves on the beach savor the scene, cause never know when pendulum swings, never know when you strikeout when you swing, never know when you leave this thing, called earth, know your worth. indigo children, our mind can do anything, stop pillin. stop killin. envision happiness unity, & peace. freedom is what you'll see

Lent : Show of hands how many spitting from the heart, half the room fuck it that's a start, every word real blind to a top chart, peep the art, Michelangelo Ralphael Sanzio, painting bars, standing in awe.. You knew me from Klein ain't no I can rhyme, you was blind, you shocked by the lines, guess its safe to say I'm ahead of my time, what's a prime I been kicking shit since I picked this pencil, it's like I found a secret try to peep it confidential, could spill the beans on my dream but a fee will surely follow, feels like the rap game getting shallow the deeper I go, ankle deep and I'm bout a million feet from the closest shore, Peep the metaphor, that's all that matters rhymes have yo brain matter sore, I hear the chatter Lent nice but I'm looking for more, I'm tryna find that shit you can spin from your local store, Not that shit you search for..
Not that shit search for... What is this chore? I like my rappers a little less poor, least be on tour, shit radio all I know, fuck you I just rap what's inside my core, you ain't feeling this shit hope yo ass get hit by the door, and truth be told Otha rappers leave me no choice, they said you next you betta find you anotha source.. Betta find you anotha source.


from Euphoria Vibes, released August 22, 2013
Producer : Mellow King
Writers : Brice White, Mellow King, Lent



all rights reserved


Ryan Mellow Houston, Texas

i produce & mix sounds. mellow member of Constant Reality.

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