hide & seek (Mellow King)

from by Ryan Mellow

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3:59 a m couldn't sleep once again.
more broken than you think, can't blink cause i'm still looking for you. bob dylan playin in the back thinking bout the rear view as he sings I could spend forever with you & not realize the time. yet the time has expired like milk that went sire, sour whatever I'm so tired I'm so higher i wanna fuck till you screaming like a church choir nails diggin in the back barbed wire wild orgasm pussy clenchin tighter so wet could put out blazing fires. once we done shes tired rolls over as im left to enquire what just happend cause this happens week to week relations get warmer than she gets cold feet, memories vivid, as we lived it, I loved it grab that ass in public just so the world knows I loved it. but maybe that's the problem too afraid to emmerse your worth in one person on earth. desert your feelings, emotion concealing. so you ask for space choose to erase, disgrace, replace, so I'm left with worst case, retrace, embrace is what I must do. this blunt is for you so numb from mary ju or maybe it's the fact I know I lost you

but we young so we playin hide & seek you find me life's all about timing
tick tock ill be waiting on the dock cause I have no clock only till my heart beat stops

they say nothing last forever but I never believed in others endeavors,
cause I got my own world in my own hand if you believe you'll have on your hand a 25.11 karat give it on 9/11 when we first let out guard down, right after I pulled panties down
word gets around town, the perfect couple so as result high confidence. no audience cause we both hate the night life, rather watch night sky, inhale crystal filled blunts get sky high. one night I asked you why you like me so much she said, oh you mysterious. 3 years down the road now I think about why she had the crush & now she knows everything so not so mysterious... not so mysterious... damn
life was one long intergalactic trip
never thought the day would come I had to start packing shit,
pictures, gifts, clothes, & most of all memories. my heart is severing right down the middle. these words are not just a riddle, I remember every little moment & now I'm roaming solo on this beach, I can see the whole world from this point of view & that's exactly what I see in you.


from Euphoria Vibes, released August 22, 2013
Producer : Mellow King
Writer : Mellow King



all rights reserved


Ryan Mellow Houston, Texas

i produce & mix sounds. mellow member of Constant Reality.

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