breaking news (Feat. Brice White & Lent)

from by Ryan Mellow

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Brice White : I gotta testify, since niggas never wanna specify the info & the tempo that I pencil when I nigga wanna get echelon. talkin upper like ya mothafuckin septum on nosebleed, no Sheen, that's Esteban. poolside rillo full time riddles cool side pillow what a nigga really tryna rest upon. so I'm tryna shape up like heptagon, guess I shoulda said that when I met your mom... fuck.
guess that's everybody genocide, love & the lies intertwine penalize. least a nigga not tryna write a pen of lies. just epitomize pitiful men of my pigment, shit, they just want a N to FaiL, no pigskin.
mellow on the beat, nigga never settled what i really wanna be, so im gonna develop what i delegate is me, that's MC. NC-17 can't fuck with this. I don't really know what struggle is, so I gotta toughen up, buckle up, button up & adjust & it's still fuck judgement, whaa.

Hook : breaking news, breaking news, see just what vibrations do. breaking neeeeeeewwwwwwws, breaking neeeeeeewwwwwwws.

Mellow King : uhhhh, so you talk about dreams huh I been acting mine out since I realized I'm a energy magnet. these dreams, these thoughts, these wants, evolve before your eyes. positive even if you fatherless, clear mind when losing sense of time cause thoughts are timeless, at 15 I was 18, at 18 I was 21. get it time is a facade, be what you want starting right this second I'm eating till I'm full the first time, no need goin back for seconds.
tryna eat some kitty tonight
so I'm eatin kitty tonight.
gettin blunted so I'm blunt kickin it with some cunt, but dont speak of such words, cause she a beautiful with curves.
treat her with respect or expect to step. we think about tomorrow & the future yet yesterday fucks us karma sutra. not tryna fool ya, dedication, maturity, consistency, the formula. don't let hate torment ya, self motivation magical. mellow.

Lent : In a world of indecisive beings just meet the ring leader the king Neva seen bigger, should've had a betta plan on my life but my team proceed to kill beats neva seen illa, hip hop heala, if rap was bout your past then the people really see who reala, when the fuck the talent get beat by simple, all these fucking rap feins demanding my pencil should I make a hit naw I'm keep it official, oh you need a chain well that the ain't issue, trying to get the same swag and it don't fit you, switch up nigga guess the memo aint reach you, uh..
Guess the memo ain't reach you we on to some
new shit spotting all the bullshit lyricist, sworn by the fellowship, not the devil shit I'm heaven sent when my time come they gon let me in...
Uhh yeah I said it I meant it I'm tired of this debit it's time to build credit,
Fuck all these rap niggas credit, young nigga threat to game I'd be back in a second, you sweating all we got is a few dudes and protools no record label promoting our tunes, imagine if I had what you have aint no telling what the fuck I can do. (oooowweee!)


from Euphoria Vibes, released August 22, 2013
Producer : Mellow King
Writers : Brice White, Mellow King, Lent
Mixed by : Mellow King



all rights reserved


Ryan Mellow Houston, Texas

i produce & mix sounds. mellow member of Constant Reality.

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